March 27, 2023

When you go to someone else’s house what do you notice? Their neatness? Their furniture? Their artwork? Or lack of? From the minute I walk in someone’s house I look for clues about the owners. Neat nicks or messy? Cooks?…

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Katherine Anderson


July 5, 2022

I want to kick off my 40th year in the business with a celebration of wisdom and gratitude. Pour yourself a drink, may I suggest a glass of good bourbon, and let’s begin!  I graduated from Mary Baldwin College in…

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Blog About Family

June 2, 2021

Mom, Mama, Katherine – I’ve been called worse, I’ll bet by my three sons, but not out loud. Now we are in a new phase with two lovely wives and one lovely long term girlfriend. Each is spreading roots and…

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Fall in Love with Your House Again

April 4, 2021

Did you love your house when you bought it? No matter how long you live with it, your love dulls a little. Here’s a KJA aphrodisiac for your pad. This Valentine’s Day love your house with these easy steps: The…

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