Christmas Decorations

April 4, 2021


“Christmas decorations are all over the place”

What to do with decorations? This year make it easy on yourself after Christmas by cleaning and clearing out the decorations.

First, buy several clear plastic boxes with good handles, that are all the same. Get some large labels, a marker, some brown Kraft paper and some tissue paper. 

Now the hard part.

Be practical: 

THROW AWAY any old lights. They may not work next year.

THROW AWAY the ornaments you don’t like. 

THROW AWAY the broken decorations. We all have them, your third-grade picture in a snowflake frame that doesn’t hang anymore or the ones that have a broken string. Anything made of Cheerios or real food. 

THROW AWAY the wire hangers that are all in a wad.  

THROW AWAY the strands of pearls or balls that have lost their luster.

THROW AWAY the old tree skirt that is stained and dirty looking. Be Ruthless!

AND the “gently used” wrapping paper and gift bags. If you didn’t use the ones from last year with Mickey in a Santa suit, I promise you won’t next year either. That goes for Snoopy too.

BOX # 1 

Remember to label which boxes come out first. For instance, the Advent wreath and the wreath on the door might make the first cut. If you have special cookie cutters, put them in that box too. You might have some leftover Christmas cards to put in that box. Make some notes to yourself, for instance, “loads of candy leftover, too much ham, used 10 red wines and 4 whites, get tablecloth pressed, not enough cocktail napkins, etc” Put the note on top of the box taped where you can’t miss it.

BOX #2

Lights and garland. Store them by wrapping around your arm loosely and securing with large twist ties. The same way yarn and electrical cords are packaged.


Breakable ornaments. Make a nest of brown paper by crumpling it up and laying in on the bottom of the box. Next wrap each ornament in tissue paper. Then place them loosely on top of the brown paper and add more tissue paper crumpled up around in the spaces left. Add another layer of crumpled brown paper over the top layer.

The main thing is to get rid of the junk. Next year your house will be beautiful and not as messy. 

Clean up will be easier too.

Happy New Year!


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