Dear Abby

March 18, 2021

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Dear Abby,

I’ve been watching “40 not frumpy” and I realize that it’s not just my wardrobe that needs help. My house needs some pizzazz.
Signed, Middle-aged Mom

My daddy always said, “Darling, you can wear anything, as long as you have on a piece of good jewelry”. This goes for houses too. If your house has pretty paintings, rugs and looks well kept, you’re looking fine. But if you do like to keep up with the trends or you just feel like a facelift, then here is the scoop.

Let’s get the house dressed by adding that special piece. I’m partial to paintings. When I buy a painting, I always buy one that moves me. Never will I buy one to go with a piece of furniture. If I love it, I can find a place for it. Over my mantle are several paintings of Pawley’s Island where I spent very happy times as a child. Over my bed is a painting by Marian Soule, who is on our team. In my kitchen are 2 paintings by Laurie McIntosh, a local artist. Then I have the Paris wall dedicated to my mother, a true Francophile.

The gold leaf trend is hanging on. I love that! I’ve seen some pretty artwork with bands of gold on them. Reminds me of good jewelry!

We urge our clients to find their favorite pieces and a good spot for them. Maybe new frames or a cleaning is necessary. You might need to buy a picture that means something to your family. Whatever improves your feelings about your house, we can help you find it and hang it. Contact the TEAM at KJA Interiors.