April 4, 2021



I was at a cocktail party the other night and someone asked me the number one question I get asked all the time.

What can I do to spice up my house? 

First do the test:

When you look around, do you feel that it’s dull? Is the paint marred at the corners?

Add two new coats of paint in an eggshell finish.

If the kitchen cabinets are dirty looking, even after you’ve cleaned them, then you need to use a glossy or semi gloss paint. New hardware will really step it up too.

Is your house dark? Is it the lighting or maybe you need new curtains or blinds? Your lamps might have old crispy shades that turn everything orange. Start with the lampshades.

Is the furniture spotty and old? Basically dirty looking? Maybe recovering is the answer. If the furniture is old and you don’t like it, start saving for a few new pieces.

Have you inherited a bunch of beautiful pieces that remind you of your grandmother? Could they be updated with new fabric or just new knick-knacks on top?

Is your artwork boring?  Many prints and watercolors that are hung near the sun either fade or change color. If your pictures are humdrum, then buy one that you love. But Beware, this can be addictive.

If you don’t spice it up, then it’s exactly the same thing as being 50 and looking dowdy. 


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