Fifty Shades of Gray

April 4, 2021


Rated R for Ravishing 

This year is starting out with loads of color that we haven’t seen lately. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of gray and yellow.

Color in our environment is so important. It’s a proven fact that color affects our mood. Remember the pale green of the 1960’s classrooms and hospitals? That paint was selected to calm us down.

But this year it looks like a rich blue, not navy, and turquoise are in, complemented with pink and purple. Did you know that blue is the preferred color of men? Production in the workplace is supposed to be greater in a blue room and most people will leave the thermostat alone, if the walls are a shade of blue.

Red, on the other hand, evokes strong emotion and passion. It is not a paint color to use without some thought. Also, it will make you hungry. Good restaurant color! In fact, any food color is good for encouraging the appetite.

Pink is the 2018 color. Sarah and I saw it all over the Atlanta Market in January. Pink (not hot pink) is a calmed down red. It has a serene effect. The perception is that it is feminine or childish. Pinks that lean towards blue will cool you off or you can add some yellow for excitement.

The Team swears that one of the hardest jobs we tackle is paint color.

Many of our clients are puzzled by so many choices. Then there is the problem that the paint chip and the actual paint NEVER look the same. I almost always dilute the paint formula before I buy it because it is too intense. Selecting paint is a difficult task, Sarah, Jane and I have tons of paint samples in our office to prove it. Then what finish should the paint have?

The Team will help you have a five-star rating on your rooms. Give us a call. 


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