Four New Year’s Resolutions for Your House

April 4, 2021


  1. RE-SOLUTION      

This new year’s resolution should start with taking a tour of your house. While you are doing this, keep 2 things in mind. 1.Do I really like this room 2. Does this room work?  

Let me explain what I mean by “do I really like this room?” Do I like the furniture in this room, do I like the pictures on the walls, do I like the rugs or carpet? Do I like what I use this room for? Could I use this room for something else?

Does this room work means, is everything convenient? Are the tables useful? The right height? Is this room a thoroughfare? Is this room cold or too hot? Is the sun putting a glare on the TV?  You get the drift.

If you answer YES to both questions, then stop reading………… but if the answer is NO to either,  then read on.

  1. RE-PLACE    

Sometimes furniture ends up in the wrong place. For instance, an end table that has always been in one place may be too small or too low now. The lamp that used to work is now too short, too dim, too bright or just plain ugly. So that involves replacing it. Maybe it could live in another room, or maybe it’s time for a new one.       


Sometimes furniture needs to be repositioned. We lived in our new house for months before we moved one chair to the other side of the fireplace and it made all the difference in the flow of the room. I have rehung many pictures 2 inches higher or lower and thought WOW, that looks much better. 


I promise you that reupholstering is an expensive solution, so I suggest you do it only to the pieces you really love. Plenty of fully upholstered furniture is not worth reupholstering. It is a much better use of your money to buy a new piece.                   


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