Kid’s Stuff

April 4, 2021


“My children’s toys are everywhere.”

Let’s face it, perfect houses and children don’t mix.

I’ve had 3 boys, I know this area first hand. I used to silently cheer when one more Lego would go up in the vacuum cleaner and don’t get me started on Play Mobile.

I have several suggestions. **Spoiler alert** This is hardboiled. If you really don’t agree with John Rosemond, you probably won’t like my ideas either.

First of all, you must make cleaning up kid’s stuff easy-so they can do it too. This involves toy chests with dividers. Just three dividers, not loads of compartments. Most children aren’t OCD yet. 

I love bookcases because I LOVE children’s books. In fact, I’m happy to share my favorites with you. I also love them because you can put books, games, toys and almost everything on a bookcase.

I love storage under the bed (for children only), because they are already low to the ground. Roll out the Legos and play on the floor. Easy Peasy.

I love shelves in their closets, so they can put up their own clothes. Why should you do it when they have more free time than you do? If it’s too hard for them to reach, then that’s your fault.

Making up the bed can be pretty easy too, get a comforter that fits with a cord on the sides and bottom. That makes it only fit one way. That works for adults too. Don’t add loads of pillows.

Now you have time for a bedtime story. 

May I suggest The House that Jack Built.


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