KJA’s Kitchen Bubbles 6 – A New Light

May 22, 2019

KJA Interiors Apollos Bow-51




The Browns live in a darling older house on the much traveled Devereaux Road. They called us to help
with a long overdue kitchen renovation. Molly is one of my favorite clients to work with since she loves
to cook. Her small kitchen is a galley type that is generally extremely functional. In this case though, the
function was limited by size and many doorways. She also wanted a place for family or guests to sit to
have a bite or a visit and she wanted to keep the lovely view outside.


We decided that flow was essential, so we opened it up by removing the breakfast room and back walls
adding the much-needed space.


Then we continued the hardwood floors from the dining room. By doing
these improvements, the now big room was flooded with natural light. The gorgeous shiny countertop
and a few recessed lights added to the spacious feel.

Sarah’s selections of finishes with the darker paint color on the lower cabinets and the lighter on a few
upper cabinets draw your eyes to the beautiful outside.


Jane completed the new look with a custom
walnut countertop, accenting the outside comes in concept.

The Team effort was an en”lightening” experience.