Structure, Function and Appearance – Commercial Design with Blencowe IT

July 3, 2018

Untitled design (3)


Blencowe IT was a perfect example of how we approach a commercial job:  structure, function and appearance in that order. A lot of time went into discussing work space and how to ensure that every employee had what he or she needs to be productive and comfortable.  Next – decisions on walls, ceilings and floors followed by furniture purchase and placement. Finally the finishes – paint and surface colors and materials which set up the foundation for a complete installation to include lighting, artwork and accessories.   We were fortunate to have the Blencowe logo colors to start with which really were a lot of fun!

The front door and foyer set the tone for a client entering the office.  First impressions count!  Professional, clean and attractive.

The conference room is multi-purpose:  meetings, continuing education and social interactions.  All chairs are on wheels and can be used throughout the office.


The workroom is where great minds convene to get the job done!  A work table in the center and raised countertops around the perimeter with stools on wheels allow for maximum productivity.


Randy’s office is a good example of attractive and efficient.


The kitchen area – is as clean as a whistle and appointed with colorful artwork as is the rest of the office.

Blencowe IT is an exceptional team and we were honored to work with them!



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