April 4, 2021


“I hate my den. Unfortunately, we live in it.”

Let’s dissect the problem.

Is there seating enough for all the regulars? Is it comfortable?

Can you hear each other or are you too spread out?

At our house, the sofa must be sleepable (for us and/or the dogs).

Is there enough light to see books, or too much for TV watching?

Are the pillows useful or in the way?

Is it too noisy to watch Netflix or the news? Is there a traffic pattern that interrupts the TV Watching?

Is there a reflection on the TV from the window?

How to start on these problems….

First establish what the room is for.

Then figure out the arrangement that meets most of the requirements.

For instance:

If you mostly read in there, then great reading lamps and a comfortable chair are invaluable.

If you have loads of visitors, then where you sit matters the most.

I always ask what the family does in the room. If you don’t know what the room is for then it doesn’t matter how pretty it is. The dog doesn’t care.


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